The Scorpion and the Frog

There is an actress on the show Big Bang Theory named Mayim Bialik. She’s Jewish and she’s also liberal. It must be like being the Incredible Hulk. You have 3,000 years of oppression on one side, and 3,000 years of stupidity on the other. They must be in constant conflict. And Mayim is no imbecile, either. She is an actual scientist and likely the smartest of those on The Big Bang Theory. All of this makes her tweeting in the recent days somewhat crazy.

If you were to look at the history of the middle east generally, and the relationship that radical muslims have with Jews generally, you would certainly conclude that muslims were no friends of the jewish race. As someone recently observed, when was the last time you saw anyone but a muslim holding a severed head? So Mayim’s statement that she would register as a muslim if Donald Trump’s immigration policies go into effect, is – to be plainspoken – lunatic.

The left in this country has since 9-11-01 made the case that not all muslims are terrorists. Okay, we can accept that there are peaceful muslims, just the way there are reasonable Democrats. Not many, but a few. The problem with basing policy on the few that are not batshit-crazy adherents of the Koran (they prefer Quran, so I use the Anglicized spelling) is that it’s like premising your walk through a minefield on the idea that there must be a few duds in there. Sure, there are nice folks who happen to be muslim and who don’t own machetes or semi-automatic rifles and have no desire to hold up severed heads. But our immigration system cannot identify those while simultaneously keeping people like Omar Mateen out of the country. Most of this is because there is nothing in the host countries that gives us information on these clowns.

Perhaps it is uncaring or unfeeling to say it is better to have refugees suffer in their own part of the world than having them come here. But my guess is the family of the San Bernadino, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando shooting victims would vote strongly in favor of leaving them over there.

We have no obligation to allow anyone in to our country. None. Whatever we do is a gift. That gift must be respected by a desire to assimilate, not a desire to turn our country into the same kind of shithole they left. They can freely exercise their religion without importing sharia law or sharia courts, or honor killings. If they want to come here, only those with a desire to live in tolerance should be admitted.

You may disagree. That’s fine. If you’re willing to house these folks in your home, then by all means go ahead. But remember, as you do, the story of the Scorpion and the Frog.

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