A Committed Enemy


Here is what history teaches about battles against committed enemies. They are never satisfied with peace. When British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain talked about “Peace in Our Time” after the Munich Agreement, he honestly thought that by giving up certain measures designed to prevent another World War a crazy tyrant named Hitler could be dissuaded from a worldwide conquest. Chamberlain could not have been more wrong. Hitler used the time to beef up and position his armies for lightning war, and very soon the entirety of Europe was on fire.

Today’s Chamerlains take the form of people marching in England and Europe to admit muslims, and to encourage free and open borders in the spirit of brotherhood. For their trouble they’ve opened up their women to serial rape and their countries to pillage. There is a muslim invasion. They do not want to assimilate: they want to turn Europe into a caliphate-driven shithole. When they do the native Europeans, according to sharia law, will become slaves and their lands and properties divided up by all those fighters who shared in the conquest. If a soldier does not want his slaves, he can either hang them or sell them. Slaves, including children, must submit to sexual conquest. Yes, it’s right there in the Hadith, one of the muslim holy books that guide those spiritual warriors in their conquest for Allah.

In a stunning display of cognitive dissonance, Americans now protest to open our borders to primarily muslim refugees with the idea that “this is who we are.” This is who we were, before 9/11, just as there was more openness about society before December 7, 1941. And while no one is talking about rounding up muslims and putting them in concentration camps, the protesters seem to think that this is the purpose of a temporary stoppage in immigration designed to improve vetting of refugees.

The purpose of the ban is to improve procedures for ensuring that people who come here come here with a pure heart and willing to accept that our Constitution, and not the Quran is the source of our laws. It is designed to ensure that someone coming here has a true desire to assimilate. It is designed to ensure that someone coming here won’t be a drain on American taxpayers and that they will be able to support themselves once they get here. We need engineers, doctors, and similar professionals. We do not need ditch-diggers and jihadis.

Another thing that is missed in this discussion is that we do not have a constitutional obligation to open our borders to anyone. We can discriminate on any basis we choose. If we don’t want to admit left-handed lesbian plumbers, we can do that. No non-resident alien has a constitutional right to come here. Our anti-discrimination laws do not have extraterritorial reach. They protect citizens and legal resident aliens, but not illegal aliens and not people who are not even here yet.

The fact is, we need to secure our borders. We need to stop letting every Tom, Dick and Harem-keeper into this country. We already have enough problems here. This is no time to admit more.

Shortly I will write about protesters and the right to protest, as well as the responsibility that comes with petitioning the government for a redress of grievances.

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