Dry Fire Practice

Dry Fire Practice


Lots of instructors recommend dry-fire practice for getting used to trigger pulls, and that sort of thing. I hate snap caps because they require you to chase them all over the place after you eject them. And I won’t dry fire without something there to take the hit on the striker.

Along comes I-target. It’s an ingenius little device that has a laser bullet roughly the size of your round (9mm in my case) and it is designed so that the extractor does not take it out when you rack the side. The bullet takes the hit from the firing pin, and then sends out a laser pulse.

You set up your Iphone or Android phone with camera so that it sees the target, and then you set the scoring ring so that it covers the entire set of rings on the target. Then you fire your pistol at the target and each time the laser pulses you hear a gunshot sound from the phone. It then tallies your hits and keeps your score. Here is an early one of mine.

Screen Capture from I-Target App on an iPhone. Now if only they had a silhouette target that would be ideal.

The only advisory I can offer is that if you have a Crimson Trace on your pistol, you’ll need to turn if off while using the I-target otherwise it sounds like you’re shooting a machine gun.

Now, to see if they have a Silhouette target….

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