Supporting Criminals — The New Democratic Party Platform

What do you stand for?

If you’re like me, you stand for patriotism, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the fair application of the law to everyone regardless of race, creed, gender or color. You probably live those values everyday, even if occasionally you make a feminist mad by holding the door open for them.

This makes me wonder why anyone would be proud to stand for crime. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to stand for violence against women. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to stand for the destruction of our social order. Yet, this is what the Democratic Party has become. It is the party of the illegal alien. It is the party of the criminal rioter (who calls himself a “protester”).

I can hear you out there saying “no, that’s not true.”

Well, let’s examine that.

When someone crosses our border without the proper permission, they illegally enter our country. You will see the media categorize this as an “undocumented” entry rather than as an illegal entry. As if crossing the border with an intent to remain is some kind of paperwork problem.  They just forgot to get form XYZ123.  No.  That’s not what happened, and the media knows it.  And even if the media does recognize the inherent criminality in violating our immigration laws, they will say it is “unlawful” as opposed to illegal. For the record, you violate the civil law (for example, by denying someone employment because of race) and that’s “unlawful.” If you take a ball bat and break someone’s legs, that’s both unlawful  (because it violates the civil law) and illegal (because it violates the criminal law). It’s an important distinction, and one that the media routinely uses as a euphemism.  To them it should not be a crime to seek a better life and the blessings of liberty.  Sure, I agree, so long as you obey the law while you’re doing that.  Still the media pulls the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public by downplaying the criminality, and arouses sympathy for people who have been largely ignored by their own government.

And isn’t it interesting that the government of Mexico, which can’t get these folks jobs, is suddenly interested in helping them stay (illegally) in the US?  “Tie them up in the courts” is the direction they give the immigrants.  I’m sorry, but when you’re using your citizens to invade my country, that’s considered an act of war.  That should worry Mexico because if you go visit the cartels you can get some excellent Mexican Army rifles that have never been fired, and only dropped once.  Who’s going to defend them?

Once, when I was a boy, I got stung four times by yellow-jackets.  They had a nest over the garage door that I didn’t see, and I disturbed it.  I did not like getting stung, so I loaded up a squirt bottle with gasoline and sprayed that nest, watching the hateful little bastards drop and squirm pitiably as they died.  And I did not feel bad about it.  We need to do the same thing with Mexico, and that’s the purpose of the wall.  If you build the wall, you tear down the nest.  The Cartels are another story.  But the Mexican President might well remember the Pancho Villa Expedition when he’s considering what to do about the Cartels.  Can you imagine what Mad Dog Mattis would do to those fools?  It’s been done before, so there is precedent.

Sorry for the detour there, now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

So someone is here having crossed our southern border, and they are an illegal alien because (a) they don’t have permission to be here; and (b) they have no identification from their country of origin; and (c) they are here to immigrate permanently without doing what legal immigrants do, which is wait in line. So, let’s dispense with the idea that these people are committing a “victimless crime.” They are not. They are victimizing all of us. The reason these swine carry no identification from their country of origin is they know that absent this identification, we have a harder time sending them back to that country. So when they rape, kill, pillage or burn down someone’s house, and they serve their slap-on-the-wrist sentence, their country of origin doesn’t want them back (“What, take back our criminal?”) and so denies that they are a citizen. Hey, US, you’re stuck with them!

President Trump has sworn to uphold the law and send these folks back. I support him.

For the last eight years Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been deporting very few of these aliens. They catch them, and while they’re awaiting a deportation order (because these fools never go back voluntarily) they are released because that’s what Obama’s policy demanded. So, like a cockroach running from a pointy-toed boot, they scurry below the baseboards and hide out until someone forgets they’re wanted.

Mr. Trump says “round them up” and suddenly people with Mexican flags (shouldn’t they be in Mexico?) riot in the street because (cue the crocodile tears here) “families are being broken up.” The New York Times runs a story about a female felon who is deported after stealing someone’s identity, and suddenly we’re heartless monsters who don’t care about her US born children.

Let’s be clear about something. She chose to have children. She knew she was illegal. She knew she was breaking the law. We probably paid for the births with Medicaid dollars. We probably provided her with WIC. We may have even provided her with Welfare in spite of the fact she was illegal, because in spite of prohibitions against it, illegals get Welfare all the time.

She knew she was committing a felony, and no one bitched when we sent her to jail. That’s because while we may pity the child of the incarcerated felon, we recognize that any disability to the child comes from the actions of the felon, not the actions of the state. But suddenly when mamacita who’s been living la vida loca in someone else’s name is deported, we’re tearing apart a family? Really? Do you just have to work for the New York Times to not understand this is the natural consequence of what happens when people break the law?

Hispanics who are here legally, who either waited their turn, or were born here, or who obtained citizenship through the amnesty program under Reagan, want just as much as the rest of us to stem this tide of illegal immigration. And we all recognize that it must be done. Yet, in spite of this, the protests in the streets continue, not because Americans are being hurt, but because illegal aliens who have no right to be here, and who have criminal convictions, are being rounded up and deported as they should have been under Obama. But the Democrats oppose this, not on legal grounds, but because they’re whiny, petulant, unrepentant advocates for the criminal class (look who they ran for President).   Whenever these rallies are announced on social media, ICE should be sent in to round them up and take the whole bunch to the detention center for immediate deportation.

And it’s not just illegal aliens that the Democrats are pandering to.  Democrats love rioters!

No less a stalwart of the Democratic Party than Howard Dean stands up and calls the Berkeley rioters people who are lawfully resisting a Trump presidency. Rather than call for peace, unity, tolerance and free speech, the left is calling for bans on speech, beating innocent civilians, targeting Jews, and lighting fires in the street.

And, of course, we should remember that the Democratic Party wants to make the life of the criminal in Chicago easier by disarming all of Illinois and America.  It isn’t roving gangs shooting up Chicago that are the problem, its the guns they’re using.  If they couldn’t go into a sporting goods store and buy guns, there would be no problem.  Right?  Except none of these thugs is buying their weapons legally.  They are buying them from other criminals who stole them from law abiding men and women, or who knocked over gun stores.  What do the Democrats say: “We have to do something!”  In the words of William Pitt:  “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”  Enslave the masses, enable the criminal class.  In what mind is this rational?

We now have Keith Ellison, an avowed Muslim, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, who is likely going to be running the DNC.  Many muslims (certainly not all)  want all women in black dresses in 130 degree heat, with just their eyes showing.  They want them chaperoned full time by male adult relatives or husbands.  They want Sharia law which allows the husband to beat the wife, and which imposes horrific punishment against women, but not men.  It is the antithesis of feminism, and yet, Democrats pretend that electing this radical would improve their party’s image.  It’s hard to believe they can really be that stupid.  But trust me, they are.

Here is the bottom line: The DNC has become the party of crime, illegal aliens, and muslims.

The time for a national march on the Democratic Party is coming. We need to remind these fools who elected them, and that they serve their country first, and their party second.

Until we put out the fire of criminality in the Democratic Party, it will continue to try and destroy this great country.

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