The Blackhawk Double-Stack Dual Ammo Carrier

This is a product review.  I have no affiliation with Blackhawk.  I have not been paid for this review.  The opinions are my own.  Your mileage may vary, some restrictions do apply, offer not valid in Uzbekistan. 

I recently bought the Blackhawk Double Stack Dual Ammo carrier for an upcoming IDPA match.  I wanted to get comfortable with it, so I stuck it on my belt and wore it for a couple of days.  I was not, what you might call, a happy camper.

But as I experimented around, I found out what I was doing wrong, and I now find the device to be superior to most of the others I have seen.

Okay, first the disclaimer.  I am overweight (or, 2 feet under-tall if you prefer).  I’m not exactly to Hefty-Bag size, but you won’t find me in the skinny jeans department of Dillards either.  Unfortunately, when I sit down, stuff hangs over the belt.  Bummer.

So, when I got the new pouch, I looked it over, and I saw this:


Yep, that’s the hole where the belt goes through it.  So, being the compliant guy I am, I used the belt holes and mounted the carrier.  Had I been planning a radical approach to a splenectomy, this would have been perfect.  However, all I wound up with was pressure indentations on my left side and a lot of discomfort during the day.  It bound getting into the car because it was secured in a way that the carrier did not move well.  It was very secure, and it wasn’t coming off.  I liked that.  It was just very uncomfortable.

In desperation, I decided to try to use it with the more flimsy mount:


Initially I was worried because my assumption was that it would ride up and pop off my belt when I sat down or drove in the car.  But I had not counted on a lovely little addition that they put on this device shown here:


That little device is the backside of a hook-shaped end that grabs the bottom of your belt.  The more flimsy plastic bends easily, but it never leaves your belt (in fact, it can be difficult to get off).  I now found out that when I sat down, the device moved away from my body based on the gentle pressure of my adipose tissue on the Glock 19 magazines I put in the device.  The carrier was both comfortable and secure.

I got mine at The Firing Pin in Auburn, Alabama.  You can also find them online at Amazon.  I give this 4 out of 5 stars.  The only reason it does not get 5 stars is that like lots of stuff made today, it doesn’t come with tips and techniques for wearing and using, and as a result, wholly requires experimentation to determine if the product will work for you.  I could have saved two very uncomfortable days if I had been able to read instructions similar to mine above.

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