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What is it that passes for intelligence among liberals? The recent “new documentary” about Michael Brown suggests the didn’t “really” rob the store, he was trading dope for cigarillos. So, if that’s the case, then he was either a dope dealer, or a thief, or maybe both. But he wasn’t neither. This is an interesting point as far as it goes, but it’s largely irrelevant to the central inquiry in the Michael Brown case. So why bring this up?  Why now.  What does this mockumentary prove?

Nothing, other than the fact that BLM and its sychophants cannot resist another opportunity to stir up trouble in the name of this young thug who died doing something so incredibly stupid that he should have a sub-species of Darwin Award named after him. Call it the Michael Brown Darwin.  Reserve it for dumb asses who attack officers and get shot.

I base my analysis here on what happened with Brown as told by the witnesses who saw the event and whose testimony caused the Grand Jury in St. Louis County to reject the idea that he got anything less than he deserved.

We know that the guy who was with him, Dorian Johnson, was charged for lying to police in Jefferson City prior to the event, and we also know that he is the one who started the blatant lie that he had his hands up and was begging the officer not to shoot.  The video at the link above demonstrates this.

Dorian Johnson, though, as the surviving member of Dumb and Dumber (which makes him Dumb, not dumber) decided he needed to seek justice for being “traumatized” by what happened to Brown. He sued Ferguson Missouri, it’s police chief, and Darren Wilson. His case was removed to Federal Court. He thereafter had numerous counts of his complaint dismissed. The counts that remained centered on Wilson’s supposed “seizure” of Johnson. The seizure took the form of “Hey, Dumbass, get on the sidewalk.” You may recall this is what turned Dumber into a even bigger dumbass who thought he could take Wilson’s gun, and then later, into a charging rhino that got shot because he was going to try and kill Wilson. In its brief before the Eighth Circuit the Defendants said:

In Plaintiff‘s Summary of the Argument, he states the following: ―In Plaintiff‘s case, the totality of the circumstances would indicate that a reasonable person would not have felt free to leave.‖ Appellee‘s Br., p. 9. However, Plaintiff has pleaded that he did, in fact, leave. A de minimis hesitation before fleeing the scene is not, as a matter of law, a seizure within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment, as there is no actual submission to authority. Accordingly, Defendants respectfully submit the District Court erred in failing to dismiss Plaintiff‘s claim for under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 based on qualified immunity (and for a lack of underlying violation with respect to municipal liability).

And also:

Even if this Court were to find a sufficient show of authority in the conduct of Officer Wilson, by his own admission Plaintiff did not submit to Officer Wilson. Plaintiff, again, relies heavily on the decision of Brower v. County of Inyo in arguing Plaintiff actually submitted to a show of authority. Appellee‘s Br., p. 15.

In his Complaint the Plaintiff has pleaded nothing more than a de minimis stop, if any, as he admittedly and immediately ―ran away. App. Appendix, 007

In other words, when his buddy Mike Brown needed him, our heroic witness went screaming away at Cheetah speed like a sissy with a diaper full of red ants.

At any rate, as Dumb admitted, he ran away, so how did he supposedly see all the things that happened? The simple answer is, he did not. But the media believed him, even though a few simple questions would have shown him to be a liar.

It’s also worth noting that the 86-page report issued by the Department of Justice, shows that six of the most credible witnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown were afraid to give testimony in support of Darren Wilson, because they knew it would undercut the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. (hat tip: Brietbart).

The fact is that Michael Brown is dead and buried but his legacy lives on in a hate group known as BLM. Dorian Johnson should find out in a few days whether his case will be completely thrown out of court. We’re hoping the Eighth Circuit does the right thing.

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