Solve it!

Immigration is a problem.  It needs to be solved.

Congress has the power to write the law. Congress has the power to change the law. Congress has the power to increase or decrease penalties in the law. Congress gets to write the laws. That’s their Article II power.  If Congress disagrees with an old law, it needs to change it.  But it doesn’t need to whine that the law it wrote is being enforced too harshly.  That’s not in its bailiwick.

The Courts, under Article III, get to say what the law means. They get to interpret the law and apply the law. Sometimes they do it properly, reading text and meaning in the way it is supposed to be read, and reaching conclusions that are based on the text and meaning of the law. Sometimes they do it badly, by reading “public policy” into the law, deciding that a policy choice is a bad policy choice, and then substituting their own view of policy for that of Congress. In so doing, they violate the Separation of Powers doctrine.

Similarly, the Executive Branch is supposed to enforce the law. In so doing they set priorities. Speeding, let’s say, is less important than drunk driving, so we prosecute drunk driving much more forcefully. Even though we can jail someone for speeding, we save the jails for those who’ve earned that place by drinking and driving. The executive gets to make that policy choice, because the executive has “prosecutorial discretion.” Essentially, the right to choose which crimes to prosecute in which way. If a 13 year old is playing with a firearm and shoots a neighbor, the prosecutor has the discretion to charge it as a juvenile offense, or, in some cases, to try the individual as an adult if the Court agrees. Again, this is absolutely the heart of what makes American justice a system that aims (usually) to do good and avoid evil.

Under the Obama Administration the borders were open. Even if you were caught coming over from Mexico, you got detained and then freed on your own recognizance so that you could then escape to some other part of the country. No one came looking, because the “prosecutorial discretion” was exercised not as a policy choice between levels of offense, but simply to not prosecute illegal entry.

Liberals are the masters of language. We used to refer to the folks crossing our borders without approbation as “illegal immigrants.” Illegal because they came here illegally. Now the media refers to them blandly as “immigrants.”  The difference between an illegal immigrant and an immigrant is huge: the immigrant has a right to be here.

This really pisses me off. My great-grandfather was an immigrant. He came here from Ireland. When he got off the boat in New York he dropped the “O” from O’Gower and proceeded to build a new life legally in the US. Yes, he faced a lot of animus based on his national origin, and he overcame it. He assimilated. He and his successors became part of the rich tapestry that is America. The same can be said for many who crossed the Rio Grande in the 1800s and early 1900s when there were not immigration controls. They came, they adapted, and they built themselves into the life of the US.

Now I see newspaper articles refer to the people coming here from Guatemala and raping innocent children in Maryland as “unauthorized immigrants.” Unathorized, as if, perhaps, this is some paperwork oversight. Someone forgot to fill out Form 97-11/4. Just put in that comma and resubmit it.  No!

This is someone who crossed into this country illegally and broke our law when he did so. He became a criminal at that very moment. He then proceeded to go live with a relative who was here lawfully, which converted his relative into an accessory to his criminality. Then, even though he was 18, he got himself admitted to a high school as a freshman at age 18. That’s right, you’re putting a testosterone-fueled ball of machismo into a school with a bunch of young, vulnerable children. A ninth grader is not able to consent to sex even with another ninth grader, let alone with an 18 year old man. Yes, man. This is not a child picking on another child. This is a man who acted on predatory impulses and raped a child. He deserves the death penalty. Sadly, he’s likely to only get a year or two in a Maryland jail before he’ll be sent back to Guatemala (assuming, of course, that Maryland notifies ICE when he is paroled).

The media paints this as a racism thing. If you are against immigration it must be because you don’t like people with brown skin. Look, come here legally and I don’t give a damn what color your skin is, as long as you want to assimilate, adopt our values and culture, and don’t believe in violent jihad, you’re welcome. Hell, I’ll bring the welcome wagon basket to you personally!

The time is coming when people will start defending this country themselves if those elected to defend it do not. That will be ugly. You’ll have people beaten and broken at the border as they try to cross. You’ll have people hunted down like dogs in the cities, beaten, loaded into trucks, and dumped across the border. And you’ll only have liberals to blame for this because liberals are frustrating the people in this country who are more than capable of taking back their country by force if need be.

The time need not come. We need a border wall. We need an effective immigration system. And if you do not want to take back your criminals that come here, do not send us anyone. We will not issue visas to your country, not even to your diplomats to the UN. And more importantly, it won’t stop us from sending the clowns back. You’d be amazed at how many criminals you can get in the back of C-130, and how easy it is to push their ass out the back of a cargo bay door while hooked to a static line. Most will land just fine, and those that don’t, well, no great loss.

The banana republics that can’t keep their folks inside the border need to get zero foreign aid. For every illegal captured from those countries, there should be a corresponding 1% reduction in foreign aid. And when those countries exceed 100%, there should be a penalty assessed to those countries for our feeding and housing these bastards.

Yes, the international community will go ballistic. There will be a hue and cry like you’ve never heard before. But mostly people will be going “damn, didn’t see that coming.”

And that’s why I love Trump. He is man enough to try some of this stuff. And I hope to God he does.

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