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I have always sensed a conservative bias in Fox News. I have always sensed a liberal bias in CNN. Usually, if you put the two together you can generally figure out what’s really happening. If Fox says it’s Red, and CNN says its blue, it’s probably purple. At least, that used to be how it was.

I took journalism in high school, but abandoned it as a career choice once I saw that reporters drive beat up cars and often get by on slave wages. I am glad every day that I chose to serve the law. But I did get a lot of ethics in that journalism class, and I still believe that news should be balanced. It used to be that way.  Reporters used to report and the result was something like:

A claims that B lied about unmasking.

B claims she told the truth.

Independent documents show that A’s allegations have some merit.

B always got a chance to respond.  But this year the media has taken upon itself the job of discerning the truth in statements, and reporting as false anything they disagreed with, irrespective of whether it was true or not.  The media used to be fair.

Now, it is not.

Yesterday the big story was Susan Rice as the person who unmasked the Trump team and read their communications during a presidential campaign. That would be shocking if it happened once, but it happened on an ongoing basis, and Rice doesn’t deny it. When Adam Schiff, usually a fountain of disinformation, remained strangely mute about this issue it was fair to assume that it was absolutely true. Indeed, multiple sources now report this, and the reporting seems to indicate that this intelligence was used for political purposes. One wonders if the Access Hollywood tape and other dirty tricks employed by Clinton might be linked to a steady stream of inside information coming out of the Obama Whitehouse.

But, in spite of this, the Washington Post had nothing on its front page today about the story. CNN’s Don Lemon pointedly refused to talk about the story or cover it on his show. How is this balanced coverage? How is this actual journalism?

The time is coming when the media will be called to task by the public for their silence on this issue. When that happens, you’ll see the number of CNN viewers plummet even further, perhaps reducing Anderson Cooper to irrelevancy.

All the media had to do was play the ball as it lies. Instead, they chose to take sides and become a cheerleader for the Democrats.

The result is shameful.

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