Golden Prey Gets it Right

Time for an author shout out.

John Sandford is a pseudonym for a former reporter who has made a killing writing about a cop named Lucas Davenport.  His books are written with a reporter’s eye for detail, and he often gets things generally right.

In Golden Prey Sandford does a couple of things that deserve some accolade, and it won’t come from the left, so it has to come from us.

First, he makes the point that suppressors do not make guns silent, they just reduce the noise.  Thank you, Mr. Sandford, for being accurate.  Ninety percent of novels on this subject get it wrong.  You got it right.  Way to go!

Second, he discusses, from Davenport’s Minnesota viewpoint (where few people have CCW permits) the idea that in the south, many of us do.  Davenport’s not too sure about that, but he acknowledges that CCW permit holders commit much less crime than the general population.  Again, a key argument in the gun control debate comes out the right way in the Sandford novel.  It’s not clear that Sandford likes CCW permits, but he at least gets the substance of it right.

Finally, he describes a young man shooting a Ruger 10/22 at a woman torturing his mother.  He nails this as well, describing Tactical Innovations 25 round magazines for the 10/22.  I was very impressed.

I’ve read every one of Sandford’s novels.  This one was no exception in its style and substance.  Golden Prey is available on Amazon and through Audible.

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