Natural and Probable Consequences

We believe in free will in this country. We do not believe that people are robots, or that they follow directions from the media, the arts, or politicians. We believe that when people act, they act based on their motivations, for their reasons, and not for whatever fiery rhetoric may have been spewed on a topic.

Those beliefs are a good thing, because they keep the rhetoricians safe from fallout (of the legal variety) for saying things that, if they had really thought about it, they know they should not have said.

But the link between causation and influence are often overlooked in the law. In Missouri, for example, the law does not require direct causation of an event like a wrongful death, it requires only that the act of the defendant “caused, or directly contributed to cause,” the death. So, it’s important to remember that while we do not allow our beliefs about free will to delude us, neither is it wise to overlook the fact that the actions of people close to the brink of sanity can be influenced, usually negatively, by rhetoric designed to stoke hate.

Numerous folks have opined on Twitter and Facebook that Trump should be shot. A “play” of “Julius Caesar” has a character resembling Trump being murdered.  People attend these things.  They get media attention.  They cause people to think this is a good idea.  Many have opined that Republicans in general should be shot. We have Democrats claiming that “resistance” is patriotic: wrapping themselves in the flag while spewing an evil diatribe about replacing the orderly transition of democratic power with the minority view, not out of policy, but preference.  Keep in mind that this is the same group that thinks an aborted baby is not a human life, but that thinks that Bradley Manning is a girl.  So, let’s be honest, they are not constrained by logic.

The shooting of the Republican Congressmen in Alexandria is an example, and not the first one, of how angry Democrats and Loser Hillary’s cadre of “Not My President” folks have pushed a person convinced by the wholly false Russia narrative to act out violence against their government.  Antifa regularly assaults both Trump supporters and police officers (including police horses for God’s sake!).  Left-wing fanatic judges have invented law out of whole cloth to invalidate a proper exercise of executive power.  What we have is a revolt premised on a belief that a certain group of people are morally superior to the average blue collar worker.  They don’t want your vote to count.  They want you to be able to vote only for one candidate, and only to have that candidate have any favorable coverage in the media.

If the media had any shame at at all, they would renounce the campaign of hatred and poison rhetoric that has been on CNN and in the NY Times for the last six months.  But they have no shame, and they’ll simply deflect the blame elsewhere.

If Democrats like Schumer, Harris, Pelosi and Warner had any shame at all, they would start dialing back the rhetoric. But the fact is that as soon as the smoke clears there will be Brady, Moms Demand, and the left wing screaming about how this is ironic that the Republicans that oppose gun control are its victims. Of course, they overlook that two brave Capitol Police (with guns) took down the shooter, and that if the others had been responsibly armed, maybe it would have ended much sooner.  Facts do not matter when you have an agenda.  And perhaps we should ask Representative Scalise about waiting for the police in an emergency.  I bet he would have a good answer.

Citizens need to remember this vile act, and this vile Democratic rhetoric in 2018. Democrats want the destruction of our president, and the destruction of our Republic. If you had any doubts about that, today’s events should be proof enough.

  • Buy guns.
  • Train
  • Stock up on ammunition.
  • Keep your magazines loaded

Trouble is coming.

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