Organization has never been my strongest point.

I can’t recall a time when I have gone to the range and had everything I needed. I’ve been working on trying to get everything arranged in a range backpack such that I have my hearing and eye protection, extra magazines, extra ammunition, first aid gear, staplegun, staples, Magula, and shooting gloves all in one place so that I can grab it and go to the range.


One of the things that complicates this organization is that I primarily carry either my Glock 19 or my Kimber Custom TLE II. So I am either shooting 9 mm or .45 caliber when going to the range. Except when I shoot my Sig P229 or Glock 22, in which case I have to take .40 caliber ammunition.

I have decided, belatedly, to make one large range bag that contains my general hardware for shooting (glasses, ear protection, etc.) and then a caliber-specific bag to throw into the bigger bag. I am ultra paranoid about loading ammunition by mistake into the wrong magazines, so I have all my magazines sequestered.

Then there is the issue of a gun safe. Currently I have my pistols in a gun safe mounted on the floor, and my rifles and shotgun in big locking cases. This results in the loss of a large amount of floor space. So I have to consider getting an actual large gun safe that can hold not only the long guns, but the handguns as well.

As I go through this process, I hope to show the photos of what I considered, what I rejected, and what I ultimately choose.



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