The Speech Trump Needs to Give

Good Evening America

Today the violence that was committed in Charlottesville, and encouraged by Governor McAwful, has been writ large in Seattle, and Durham North Carolina. Violent criminals have seen fit to destroy public property, unwilling to invoke the democratic process in preference for violent insurgency.  The only thing hatred knows is destruction.  It knows nothing of building a foundation for a free republic.

Today, I tell you the violence must stop. If the governors of these states do not take immediate action to restore order and protect citizens, I will nationalize the National Guard and send them in to restore order. Order will be restored, lives will be protected.  I will respect a state’s right to settle its own accounts, but I will not tolerate citizens being victimized by political violence.  I will stop it.

Today, I am declaring that ANTIFA is being added to the list of terrorist organizations. It has the same status under the law as the KKK, because it seeks to do what the KKK sought to do, just with a different motivation.  ANTIFA is not anti-fascist, it is in fact completely fascist.  Only criminals wear masks and cover their faces.  If they were proud of what they were doing, they wouldn’t be wearing masks.  They are cowards!

All too often the news media’s accounts of events coming at the time events occur is later found to be inaccurate, and in some instances, pure fiction. I waited to get a clear picture of what happened in Charlottesville in order to denounce hatred and bigotry, but even that did not mollify the press.  The violent left wing of the Democratic party and especially that part that comprises ANTIFA, must be stopped.  We will never endorse any kind of racial supremacy, but we will likewise never endorse political violence as a solution to a democratic problem.

Today I am asking Congress to pass the Stop Domestic Terror Act that criminalizes funding organizations that mount domestic terror. This statute is aimed at CAIR, KKK, ANTIFA, and other organizations that do not wait to invoke the democratic process, but instead riot or engage in violence. If you contribute to these organizations, if you fund them, or contribute services in kind, we are going to come after you.

This is the United States of America. There are no African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, or Irish-Americans – there are only Americans. We reject the color-coding and racial-profiling that the media engages in. We reject political correctness. We reject the tendency that the media has to divide, and we ask all Americans to come together and unify our great nation.

We should never fight amongst ourselves. We should seek to make all our lives better. When someone declares that black lives, or blue lives, or white lives matter, the suggestion is that other lives don’t matter, and as a nation we cannot tolerate that. American Lives Matter.  That is the end of the discussion.  I will fight for justice just as hard for the victim of an unjust police shooting as I will for the imprisonment of the person who shoots a police officer.  I will not regard skin color as germane to the issue.  The one thing the media constantly fails to report is that the majority of black Americans are murdered by other black Americans.  Murder is wrong, no matter what color the person is.  It should be prosecuted and punished that way too!

I designate August 31, 2017 as a National Day of Reconciliation. I ask my countrymen to fill their churches, fill their mosques and synagogues and kneel before God and ask for His blessing on this great nation, and then stand up and deliver on the promise of a free America, a better America, where we are all free to say and speak the things we feel in our hearts, but have the wisdom to know that hatred never cured anything in this world. It never built a bridge, it never built a road, never opened a hospital, never saved a child’s life from the scourge of poliomyelitis. Hatred couldn’t do that. Only love can do that. Only a willingness to sacrifice for this country. Only a strong and fervent desire with God’s help for this country to throw off the shackles of history and learn to live in the present day can make this country what it truly can be. Help me make it so.

God bless you, God bless our military men and women, and God Bless the United States of America.

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