Tactical Armour Designs


I am going to do something that sounds really strange. I am going to give a shout out to a company I have never done business with.

I recently acquired, through Armslist, a KelTec PMR-30. A full review will appear after I go to the range. But the guy who was selling it had purchased a holster for it, and since it was specific to the firearm, he handed me the holster. Inside I found a letter from the guy who manufactured the holster specific to the firearm. His name is Shane Snavely and his company is Tactical Armour Designs.


Shane is a service-connected disabled veteran, meaning, of course, he has paid a price in blood for his patriotism and gets up every morning reminded of this fact. Instead of sitting on the corner and whining about how badly life has treated him (and if he gets care at the VA, you know he’s been badly treated), Mr. Snavely instead bought guns. Lots of guns. 180 guns at last count according to his letter.

Can’t you just hear the leftists: “no one needs that many guns!” Well, actually they do if they are going to make custom holsters to fit specific models of handguns. Because Shane molds Kydex to the exact size and shape of the gun you purchase the holster for, and it fits like a glove.

If you’re familiar with some of the other “custom” holster houses like Wright Leather Works (an excellent company and an excellent product) then you know that you can actually get holsters custom made for your firearm that are literally a work of art in leather. Of course, you’ll pay a price roughly approximating an original drawing by Van Gogh, also. Not to say that for the person who goes this route, the value isn’t there, because I am sure that it is. If you can afford it, you should own whatever you like. That’s freedom!

But Shane doesn’t think you’re loaded with dough. Shane probably has bills to pay. He probably has mouths to feed. He probably understands that you do too. I say this because this custom-made holster for the PMR was only $39.95. The well-designed holster can be worn inside or outside the waistband, has a sturdy clip, and excellent retention (which is important because the PMR is so light).   He explains that he uses very tight tolerances for his holsters so they fit like a glove. I can confirm this.


Now, I did not buy this holster. I got it free when I bought the firearm. But I am going to be purchasing a holster from Shane as soon as I figure out which of my firearms I want to indulge. Normally I carry a Glock 19 every day, but I may see about getting one of these for my Glock 26 or 27.


There are a lot of people out there who are passionate about their firearms and their right to conceal and carry. That does not mean that manufacturers should be able to gouge you for a product you need. That’s why competition is such a great thing. A guy like Shane can compete with the big boys, and it’s obvious that he’s making a quality product at a fair price.

I support people like that.  And, by the way, he collects military and police insignia and patches.  If you have a patch from your local law enforcement agency, consider sending it to Shane.  I never met the guy, but reading the letter, I think he and I would get along just fine.

I hope you will too!


Tactical Armour Designs is found at: http://www.tacticalarmourdesigns.com

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