Your Dream is my Nightmare

John McCain: @POTUS’s decision on #DACA is wrong approach at a time when both sides need to compromise on #immigration reform…

AJ: Regardless of what President Trump says or does, #DACA recipients still have rights

Harry Shrum Jr. Cruelty on display and hidden agendas from this administration. I stand with you #DACA Dreamers. Your voice is louder now, more than ever.

Allan Marshall: 100% #Dreamers have NO criminal record. 91% have jobs. Find me a single Trump rally where that’s the case.

Anthony: #EnoughIsEnough ending #DACA is plain out Racism! DEFEND DACA or pay the price of your job in 2018 @SenDeanHeller @SenWhitehouse


These are just a sampling of things people have said on Twitter in the last 24 hours about the fact that DACA is ending. These tweets evidence a number of terrible misunderstandings about law and politics

McCain is Wrong…. Again!

First, the idea that what is needed is compromise is a ridiculous notion. Compromise is something that happens when people want to achieve a goal that is shared, but the method of achieving the goal is up for discussion. It’s a win win strategy that says “you get something, and I get something.” The idea being we can get a border wall if we let these “dreamers” stay. McCain’s brain cancer has started to muddle his thinking, that much is clear.

DACA folks have due process rights only

The idea that DACA people still have rights is correct as far as it goes. They have the right to due process. But they have no right to stay in the country because DACA was never constitutional, a fact that even Obama admitted to Univision before he engaged in his pen-and-a-phone approach to dictatorial rule making.

Congress is Cruel, Trump is Kind

But the idea that ending DACA is cruelty, and that the cruelty has Trump’s name on it, is just plain stupid. First, Trump did not come up with DACA. Second, he did not ever say he wanted to keep it. His promise was to get rid of the lawbreakers and get them the hell out of the country. Something he’s clearly doing.  But more importantly, he is not throwing them out today, he’s putting them and Congress on notice.  Fix this mess Obama created, and that  you ignored and let fester, or I will let the Courts fix it for you.

Criminality Abounds!

The idea that 100% of dreamers have no criminal record is not only wrong, it’s woefully, painfully, embarrassingly wrong. DACA participants have knowingly engaged in criminal activity and been caught. For example, look here, here, here, here, and here for reports of people in the DACA program who have not only engaged in criminality, but engaged in rampant criminality.

Congress Couldn’t Fix a Flat

The idea that Congress is going to save DACA is similarly stupid. Congress could not agree on health care, and it’s unlikely to agree on taxation. In point of fact, Congress is not likely to agree on much of anything in the six months Trump has given them. In fact, what will likely happen is that they won’t even get serious about it until 5 and a half months have passed, and then they’ll ask for more time. And you can count on comprehensive immigration reform being something that can’t even get out of a committee, let alone get voted on.

You see, while the Democrats and their pet projects, the 800,000 people they assume are in the bag for their votes in 2020 are all sure that Congress should do this, there are a lot of people who are subject to the will of the voters, and the voters are making it painfully clear to all of them that they don’t want immigration reform. They want immigration enforcement. They want illegals out. They want the border protected, and they want the crime that goes with illegal aliens out of this country.

I will personally work against and contribute to the primary campaign against any Republican that votes to keep Dreamers here.

Republicans need to understand they’re voting to cut their own throats. These people are unlikely to vote Republican, and more importantly, they are very likely to try to back door every one of their shirt-tail relatives including the lousy bastards who brought them here in the first place.  It will never end.  We need a permanent solution that ensures our border security.  A big bold, beautiful wall!

So, ending DACA was the right call.

Now stand back and watch the fireworks. Congress will once again display that it is completely non-functional, and it will be up to the voters in 2018 to fix it.

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