Liberalism’s Centerpiece

To listen to the news you would think that San Francisco is a liberal paradise.  Those AntiFa assholes certainly love it out here.

But for us normal folk, it is not a paradise of any kind. The last few days I have been in San Francisco, and it has devolved into the city of broken dreams. Homeless people are all over the place, many demanding that you give them money to eat. Notice I did not say “asking nicely” I said, “demanding.” They will follow you until you give them the Klingon stare of death and use that Bane voice from Batman to say “No!”

I have no problem with homeless people who are mentally unsound and unable to make their way in normal life. But most of these people are bums by profession. They roam the streets and they stalk the tourists in the trendy areas by doing gross things to attact attention and get money. They will pull half-eaten ice cream sundaes out of the trash cans and start eating someone else’s dessert not so much because they’re hungry (they’re the best-fed overweight bums I’ve seen) but rather, so they can con you into giving them money.

Liberals tell us that if we just do enough with government, we can make everyone’s life better. But the fact is, the only lives that get improved are the suits administering the programs; the rest of us just give up larger and larger portions of our income.

The final straw for me tonight was going to the Walgreens and buying two bottles of Diet Coke. “Do you want a bag?” — no, moron, I want to carry these cold drinks in my hands for half a mile… what do you think? Well, a bag out here costs you a dime. That’s right, California has seen fit to insist on you recycling or contributing to recycling by requiring you to pay for your bags. Doubtless this goes into some fund to save Orca the Killer Whale or something. But it’s the nanny state writ large.

Worst of all, in the People’s Republic of California, you cannot be armed without buying off some police official in order to get your permit, and they do not recognize any other state’s permits. In essence, they penalize the law abiding citizen and traveler, making them easy marks for the criminal class in California, all without delivering a crime-free state, while at the same time rewarding the criminality of illegal aliens. It’s like California is a criminal’s dream: the citizens are disarmed, and can’t fight back.

Several years ago I was offered a job out here. I toyed with the idea.

I am so glad I did not take it.

1 thought on “Liberalism’s Centerpiece”

  1. I live in the Midwest and I love it. Cali sounds like crazy land. No thanks! I can own any guns I want, any mags I want, and have Constitutional carry. Open or concealed, no permit. And crime is low, too.


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