The Russian Judges

I used to believe that journalists were like baseball umpires.  They called them like they saw them, playing it straight down the middle.  They gave both sides of a story even if they slanted it one way or another.  I have now come to the conclusion that they are more like the Russian judge in figure skating: they know the rules, but they only apply them to the other guys.  Their side (liberals) don’t do anything wrong.

Now, there are a few exceptions.  Most of the folks at Fox are pretty good (Shepard Smith excluded).  Sara Carter and several other independent journalists are likewise pretty good.  But by and large the media covering DC are so entrenched on the Democrat gravy train that they cannot report the truth because they don’t believe it.

You may think that’s unfair.  You may be thinking, well, surely when its news and not politics they play down the middle!  Really?  Consider these examples:

  • It has been several months since the Las Vegas shooting and we still know nothing about what really happened.  The FBI and the Las Vegas MPD have simply clammed up, not saying a word about who, what, or why.  If this had been an assignation with a stripper involving a Republican, they’d have reporters on it 24/7.  But, other than the deaths that the left can use to push an anti-gun agenda, no one reporting the news cares that the FBI has buried this like the bastard son of a 12th century king.
  • Wall to wall coverage of the Parkland shooting, with tearful students and their supposed “grass roots” organization, yet no coverage of the students that didn’t take that position.
  • No outrage or coverage of the multiple Broward Sheriff Department failures.
  • No outrage or coverage of the failure to institutionalize Cruz.
  • No outrage and only minimal coverage of the FBI’s multiple sequential failure to prevent a known potential serial killer from going off.
  • Media were all over the Maryland high school shooting until it was learned that a good guy with a gun, an armed school resource officer, stopped the killing.  With a gun.  He used a gun.  Therefore the media cannot report it, or make a big deal over it.
  • Countless deaths in Chicago from gang-on-gang violence with firearms, but no mention that it has the most draconian gun laws in the country but that these laws fail to stop the killing.

In effect, the media covers and highlights only what it wants to cover, and only what furthers the agenda of the Democratic party.  They fail to cover the hundreds of thousands of crimes by illegal aliens (preferring to euphemize them as “undocumented immigrants” — as if their only crime was not have documents).  But let ICE pull one off the street and send them packing, and you’ll hear about it for weeks: ICE Destroys Family Unit!  No, ICE did not destroy that family unit, the knucklehead who came here and broke the law did; but they’ll never tell that side of the story.

It is well past the time when we, as gun owners, should start asking questions of our local reporters and national media: when will you cover the real stories.

For me, that time needs to come sooner rather than later.

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