Lies, Damned Lies, and Politics

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics….  Mark Twain

A Kansas labor lawyer, Brent Welder, running for Congress sent me the following email:

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.23.49 AM

No one holds politicians to account for their lies, but I am going to do so here.  Mr. Welder starts with the proposition that 67% of Americans support a complete ban on “assault weapons.”  Perhaps Mr. Welder would like to look in the United States Code that, as a labor lawyer he should be familiar with.  An “assault weapon” is capable of fully-automatic fire.  No assault weapons are sold to the general public.  The only way to secure an automatic firearm is to pay for the tax stamp and go through the paperwork for the ATF.  The idea that “assault weapons” even exist, or that the AR-15 is one, are in fact creatures of marketing and advertising gurus working for the Evil Empire (aka, the Democratic Party).

Have you ever noticed that when people cite “the latest polling” they never cite the actual poll, or list the actual polling questions.  That’s because when you ask the question this way:

Do you support a total ban on fully automatic firearms firing multiple big bullets out of a big scary black-looking rifle designed only to kill lots of people?

You get a different answer than if you ask the question this way:

Do you support a total ban on modern sporting firearms?

But, you see, they do not ask the question in a reasonable manner, because when they do the answer is almost always reasonable.  As every lawyer knows, sometimes, the answer is not important, it’s the question!

Here’s the other part of that problem:  Did you ever notice they don’t disclose the demographics of who they polled.  A “nationwide poll” could simply be a poll of people in Hollywood and people in New York City.  That’s “nationwide” from a polling perspective, and it skews remarkably the results in favor of gun control because urban dwellers have different view than us rural folk.

And they also do not disclose how many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents they surveyed because, again, that would give away the game.  When you survey 67% Democrats, you get a 67% Democratic response.  Duh!

Then there is this giant canard about “97% support background checks for all gun buyers.”  Maybe Mr. Welder should read the Brady Bill which required this very thing.  If you go into a gun store to buy a gun, you get a background check.  The idea that there are gaps in the system is again, a creature of marketing.  But, here we can expose the real hidden agenda behind the “Universal Background Check” pushers:  Gun Registration.

Let’s suppose that if I sell you my Glock 21, I have to get a background check on you.  If I bought that from another person, and there is no record of the transaction, how is anyone going to know I sold it to you?  Unless…

Yes, that’s right, unless you and I have to both go to a gun store, pay a transaction free, and fill out federal paperwork, or what is de facto registration of all firearms.  You see, it is not the background check they care about, it’s knowing who has guns, and who doesn’t.  That makes them easier to confiscate when that is really the end game of the gun control crowd.

Also, it would be a really good thing if people like Mr. Welder, the politician du jour who wants to grab your guns, actually knew a thing or two about guns in the first place.  You can find out all about Brent Welder’s hardscrabble upbringing in Iowa on his website.  You can learn that he ate hot dogs for every meal because it was all they could afford (I’m crying my eyes out, seriously). But, one wonders why, being from Iowa, he didn’t simply go hunt deer.  Perhaps because, like many left-wing Iowans, he grew up in a gun-free family, doesn’t know the first thing about guns, hasn’t shot a gun, and doesn’t even know which end the cartridge goes into, let alone where the bullet comes out.  You discern this from his rags to riches story and the fact that he has supported every far-left-wing nutjob that has ever campaigned for public office.  At least there are no phony pictures of him bird hunting.

Could Brent Welder field strip an AR-15?  Could he perform immediate action?  Could he do a tap & rack on a Glock 19?  Doubtless reading this Mr. Brent would come to the conclusion that I’m speaking a foreign language.  So….if he doesn’t understand guns, why is he trying to regulate them?  I mean, my house uses electric heat, but that doesn’t qualify me as an expert on utility rates or nuclear power plants.  But, sure enough, this is exactly the kind of “experience” Democrats are pushing.  Not real-world, practical experience, but the experience of running campaigns, organizing labor unions that steal worker’s money to fund big-wig pensions, and supporting candidates that would make Karl Marx grin with glee.

Still, I admire the way the left goes at this issue.  They lie, cheat and steal with absolute glee, and it is “ungentlemanly” to call them out on it.  So our Republicans just harrumph a little and ignore them.

The hell with that.

Let’s take them on.

If just a dozen well-informed gun-rights-supporting people would attend a rally for these misfits, and take them to task, and tell them up front how wrong they are (or, how about this:  invite them to go shooting) we could make some progress here.

Getting solicitations like this from Kansas makes me very glad to live in Florida where, we may not be perfect all the time, but we sure get a lot more right on guns than we get wrong.

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