The NRA Annual Meeting: a cross-section of America

At the end of this week I am going to the NRA Convention in Dallas.  Last year I went to hear President Trump speak; this year I am going to show my support for the NRA, and to see all the things that are new and exciting in the world of firearms.  I’m really looking forward to it!

Last year, what surprised me the most, was how the population of the convention was like any small town in America.  There seemed to be a slightly larger number of men than women (perhaps only 30% women) but women were there in abundance, and they were having a good time. This is so unlike what the media portrays as the membership of the NRA, which, if you listen to them, is all men over 50 in camo that look like they just got off the 10 Most Wanted List.

Of course, the other media lie is that only white people own firearms.  You know the drill.  We pick up our sheets and hoods first, then we go get our ropes and rifles.  Except that, at the NRA, there were lots of black, brown, yellow, and red folks there.  One African-American individual had a great patch on his jacket showing an AR-15, and below it, the moniker: “it’s because I’m black, isn’t it.”  Imagine that: a fellow whose people have historically been oppressed in this country can poke fun at the gun banners, and do so with a clever line indicating the gun banner’s simmering racism.

Asians and Hispanics made up a large number of the other ethnic minorities I saw there.  In other words, all the lies the media tells about the NRA (we hate people of color, we are all racist, we are all misogynists, and we want to kill children) are debunked simply by going to the convention and watching/talking with the attendees.

The NRA is the nation’s longest-serving civil rights organization.  They are the best champion of the Second Amendment, and indeed, preserve the First Amendment through their actions.  Yet the media gives no respect.

I look forward to live blogging from the NRA this year.  I hope to showcase the most interesting things I find at the NRA.

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