Day 3 – Saturday – NRA Dallas

The morning dawned bright and dry today here in Dallas.IMG_3728

The Exhibit Hall opened at 9 am today, and I spent most of the day wandering around it looking at all the various offerings.  Some of them were quite novel, and some were overpriced.  But by and large it was a very good day.


One interesting item is the Ammo Armor fired to protect us from “dirty magazines.”  The TSA requires that ammunition be in a covered condition such that the primers cannot be struck.  This product satisfies that need, and they are quite inexpensive at $10 a cover.  I got two!

The next Item I found worth buying was this Bore Sticks package for a 9 mm handgun.  The bore sticks can be pushed or pulled through a pistol or rifle (the demonstrator was using a rifle barrel and an AR bolt carrier group) and the product is lint free.  It can be used to clean and lube a pistol or rifle.  I would suggest going to their website and looking at their videos.  This is an interesting product.

Ammo-Up is another interesting product.  It’s designed to solve that problem at the range where you have to police your own brass.  No one likes raking and shoveling and sifting. This product eliminates that.  It mops up the brass inside the device, and with a flick of the level, deposits the brass into a bucket. They have the small size pictured here, as well as the larger size (shown behind it).  The smaller unit is $59, while the larger one is $350. It is an excellent tool for those who maintain ranges, as well as those of us who are forced to collect our own brass.  And of course, if you reload and want brass others leave behind, it’s an efficient way to collect it.

Although I did not buy one, El Paso Saddlery produced some excellent tooled leather holsters that were works of art.  They were on full display at the NRA, and they had lots of traffic at their booth.  They would be a good choice for a hand-made custom holster for someone you care about.

5.11 Tactical was in its booth, and it was serving Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee there.  This was in addition to all the different products they offered.  I picked up a small sling pack, and a pair of jeans.  But one of the things that impressed me most about this company is the fact that the Flag goes over the door, and they remain committed not only to the NRA, but to the tactical folks who use and rely on their gear.  I love 5.11, and I wear it whenever I go shooting.IMG_3744

Olympian Julie Golob was in the Smith and Wesson booth greeting folks.  She is a sweet young lady who won gold at the Olympics this past year.  She was a delight to listen to as she discussed her shooting.IMG_3746

As in years past Daniel Defense drew a huge crowd to its booth as it gave away two of its AR platform rifles.  It was standing room only around the booth, and Daniel Defense did not disappoint.  Mixing just the right amount of showmanship and generosity, they weren’t satisfied giving away the one rifle they promised; they gave away a second one too.  Big kudos to Daniel Defense.

Now on to two products I did buy and why I got them.

Several years ago I got an Urban Carry holster basically because the videos made it look like a great way to carry.  I found I could not carry using the device because it was simply too kludgy to draw from.  I am sure it works for skinnier people, but for me, it did not work.  Not even a little.

Enter the Ultimate Concealment Holster.IMG_3758

Designed better than the Urban Carry, the holster features a cell phone case that goes on the outside of the pants, and that serves as a handle for drawing the firearm.  Videos on the website make it easy to learn how to use the holster, and I found the instruction I received at the NRAAM to be very helpful too.  This is an excellent deep concealment option for folks who are not scared of AIWB carry, and who can learn to follow a simple set of steps to draw.  It’s not as fast as a kydex on the right hip, but it is much more concealed, and much better for getting into and around in areas where the property owner might not want you carrying.

I have mentioned on here several times how hard it is to find a holster that will fit a Sig P320RX with the Romeo sight.  The Q series grabs on to the trigger guard of the pistol, clips on to the belt for IWB carry, and doesn’t interfere with the Romeo Sight.


I did not bring my P320 to the show, but I intend to report back when I get home on how well this option worked out.

That’s the update from the NRAAM today.

Rest well America.  Your freedoms are safe.

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