Disproportionate, Hell!

We’ve all had that annoying little brother or sister that just couldn’t leave us alone.  They’d poke at us, kick us under the table, pinch us, even bite us, and as the older brother we were expected not to retaliate. But there’s only so much crap a person can take, and so when they pushed it too far, we’d smack ‘em.  No bruises, no broken bones, just a not-so-polite smack upside the head to let them know they’d crossed the line.

And what happened?


Mom, who of course was not paying attention because The Young and the Stupid was on television (and Kate was busy explaining to Jim how she was forced into the affair with Fred, because Fred knew she was previously a left-handed lesbian, and that was why it was alright for Jim to have sex with Miranda).  Mom sees the human ambulance siren wailing and immediately assumes we’re in the wrong.  We try to explain, but we always heard “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

No, but they do make a point.  And the next time the little bugger decided to stir up some shit, we raised that smacking hand and sure enough, they slunk away, not wanting to receive their just desserts.  This because they knew that even with Mom sending us to our room “to think about your bad behavior” we were still more than capable of dishing it out again.  And as we’d subtly remind them, “you have to sleep sometime….”

Okay, so I was a terrible big brother, but the point is just this.  Sometimes you actually have to resort to violence to stop violence.  And the new game in town is for antagonists to claim that a response was “disproportionate” to the violence they dished out.  It isn’t, and that’s the point.

Let’s take what happened in Ferguson, Missouri for example.  You have a big thug, one with a history of gang activity, strong-arm robbing a grocery store, and then trying to disarm a police officer.  In that attempt he made the bad decision to charge a cop that he outweighed by 100 pounds, and as a result he was shot and killed.

Then there were riots. And the big bowl of jello that was the Missouri Governor (who thankfully did not become Missouri’s senator) sent in the Highway Patrol with handcuffs…for the police.  They allowed a bunch of radicals to burn down a large chunk of a city.

Now you tell me. Whose response was disproportionate there?

It may be that racism played a role in the shooting. I don’t pretend to know.  I know that if a white guy that size tried to take my gun away and then charged me, he’d be dead too. It may be that blacks in Ferguson were treated unfairly for years.  I am sure the latter is probably true based on statistics and the way the Municipal Court system worked.  But you change those through political action, not violence. But violence is easier, requires less thought, and apparently is more fun.  So we had an entire summer and half the next year, until the Criminal in the Pantsuit was defeated, with leftists of every stripe telling anyone who would listen that all white people were racist.

Then what happened? Heard of Black Lives Matter recently? Of course not: there is no election to be swayed through racism just yet.  Look for additional agitation near August/September and for more attempts to obtain a disproportionate response.  Because, that’s what the game is.  Create martyrs.

All of the foregoing, however, is meant to convey a message.  You cannot agitate, wage violence, and then expect to get a slap on the wrist and your popsicle taken away.  Yet amazingly, in spite of terrorists armed with small arms, bombs, Molotov cocktails, fire-dropping kites, and rocks the size of tea kettles being thrown at Israelis, we expect the Israelis to say “bad dog, no biscuit,” instead of actually taking care of the problem.  But Israel isn’t so stupid.

Here is the Israeli security situation borrowed from the website at the bottom of the graphic:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.08.54 AM

As you can see, nearly every region in Israel is under rocket attack threat, and if you look at Jerusalem, Israel’s capital is ringed in on three sides by hostile forces.  The security fence where the shootings occurred are very close to population centers, and Facebook allowed Palestinians to post messages urging each other to invade and kill Israelis.  Here is one drawing showing the fence and its location vis a vis population centers:Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.12.00 AM

The IDF can read. They warned the Palestinians that if they took that terror tactic, they’d be killed.  So when someone came across that line, or moved to assault an IDF soldier, plant a bomb, or engage in other violence, they were killed.  58 were dead at last count, which is an amazingly small number given the violence they tried to inflict.

Yet the international media blames Israel and Trump.

It should place the burden on Hamas to explain why its “mostly peaceful protesters” were carrying small arms, bombs, firebombs, etc.

You see, protesters carry signs, chant slogans, and generally make a pest of themselves, but they do not engage in violence.  If you engage in violence, you deserve to receive violence returned to you.  That’s how you stop violence!

Given that there were more than 100,000 protesters out there, and that hundreds if not thousands tried to come through the wire, 58 dead demonstrates remarkable restraint. Because if those “mostly peaceful protesters” had overrun the wire, and gotten into the populated areas of Israel, the body count would have been much higher.  Only it would have been innocent Israelis, not devil-worshipping terrorists that would be bleeding out in the streets.

So, I commend Israeli marksmanship.  Way to go fellas!

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