Anti Semites and Twitter

The censorship on Twitter has become more about suppressing conservative thought and has little if anything to do about protecting people’s Twitter experience.  Olberman, Rosie, Alyssa Milano, Michael Moore and a host of others hurl invective and profanity around like there was no tomorrow.  These cretins never get their account features limited. Their racism, sexism and anti-semitism is an acceptable form of free expression to Twitter.  Yay First Amendment!  Go get ’em Rosie!

But let someone say something ugly about the Poor Palestinians (yeah, you know, the ones firing rockets into kindergartens in Israel) and suddenly the gloves come off.  We can’t have you spreading the truth about the Poor Palestinians.  They are so oppressed! Break out the crying towel, or the prayer rug, or something.

On June 2nd I posted a tweet where I expressed the view that the IDF should simply give the Hamas rioters what they wanted, martyrdom.  Not only does that thin the herd in the immediate time frame, but it also reduces the gene pool of extremists going forward.  Think of it as anti-social Darwinism if you want.  That’s my view.  If you’re trying to kill Israelis (and that’s what they were doing) then you should absolutely be fair game for someone to kill you.  Israelis have a right of self defense.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  Here’s Your Darwin Award!

Twitter must not agree, because my account privileges were limited for a period of either 12 hours or 1 hour and 57 minutes depending upon whom you believe.  The original message said 12 hours, but when I deleted the message it said it would restore me in one hour and 57 minutes.  I don’t know who to believe, and I really don’t care. I am pretty sure I can find something to do with myself for the remainder of the evening.  But, come on, a tweet on June 2 gets pinged on June 7?

Here’s what happened. Some Palestinian Snowflake who believes every bit of fecal matter spewed by that festering pot of anti-semitism that is Hamas saw my response to Bernie Sanders. He posted a video from the Poor Palestinians about how maligned they were, and how we shouldn’t believe anything Israel says.  They don’t have food.  They don’t have water.  They don’t have medicine.

Oh bullshit!  Cry me a river dude.  Maybe if you weren’t rioting 24/7 and setting fields on fire with kamikaze kites, maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to find a way to live in peace with the Israelis.  Maybe they’d let trucks with medicine in if you weren’t also hauling in rockets, rifles and ammo.  I’m just saying… its a thought, huh?

But, of course, that’s not what they want.  They have only the intention of destroying Israel.  That’s what they want to do.  That’s what they mean to do.  And they think they should have catered meals and spa nails courtesy of the Israelis in the meantime.

So, maybe my tweet was in bad taste.  Check out any tweet from Rosie and see if mine was worse.  Not gonna happen.

No, the bottom line is that Twitter is letting the tail wag the dog.  The Snowflakes rule.  The time has probably come for me to get on Gab and stay on Gab so that I don’t have to deal with rebukes from people whose IQ can be measured in negative numbers, and who hate Jews for the sole reason that they are Jewish.

And, by the way…I’m not Jewish.  I’m just a guy who understands fairness.

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