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First Amendment Under Attack

One of the things you frequently hear is that if the liberals take away our Second Amendment freedoms, the First Amendment will be next.  All you have to do is look north to Chicago, home of the world’s most ineffective and draconian gun control, to see this is true.

Newspapers there were investigating the drowning death of an autistic child.  They received documents from the school system, and planned to publish them.  Instead the school’s lawyer sought an injunction against the publication.  In this articlethe ABA details how the judge imposed a prior restraint on the publication.  Under the First Amendment there is never supposed to be a prior restraint.

This is a loud alarm klaxon sounding here.  First they will take away the right ot defend yourself, then they’ll take away your right to complain about it.  We can only hope that the First Amendment survives this kind of challenge.

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

The Supreme Court has recently allowed a muslim to be put to death without his iman present. (It is the policy of this blog not to mention, by name, convicts that seek the media to gain sympathy, hence, no name)  Here in Alabama it seems that the Department of Corrections employs a chaplain who just happens to be Christian.  Some low-life that raped and murdered a 15 year old girl in 1995 (yes, that’s 24 years ago) complained that it was unfair to let Christians die with a minister of their choice while denying him the same right.

But, wait, that’s not really the issue.  The issue is delay.  He waited until January 29, 2019 to bring this claim to the federal courts.  He had about 20 years to make this claim previously. He didn’t.  More importantly, nothing forbids the iman from coming to the prison and praying with the inmate before he gets the Kevorkian Cocktail and slips off peacefully into Hell.  It just forbids him from being in the death chamber right before the pervert’s lights go out.  I’m sure the fifteen minutes between heading in there and dying are what would have made the difference…

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