Twitter Jail

So, I put out the tweet below:

The tweet was in reference to Gillette’s ad featuring a “transgendered teen” being taught to shave. In other words, Gillette is pandering to the social justice warriors who believe that if you have a penis you can magically think yourself a woman, or vice versa.

Apparently the PC police at Twitter took umbrage and sought to suspend me for seven days for “hateful conduct.” Yet, objectively, there is nothing hateful in the tweet. In fact, it suggests that people with gender dysphoria (the medical term for people who think they can magically think themselves to be a gender different than the one their anatomy dictates) require help, not pandering. So, I was offered an appeal of this decision.

Keep in mind I got this slap at my account less than a minute after posting that tweet, which means it was picked up by Twitter filters and there was no complaint about the tweet. So, about 30 seconds to decide this was “hateful conduct.” Nice. You can tell a lot of thought went into that decision (perhaps as much as 20 seconds worth of it).

So after this knee-jerk suspension for seven days Twitter helpfully provides an “appeal” of the decision, which apparently means you get about 128 characters (less than an actual tweet) to defend your expression of personal opinion. I appealed immediately, but in spite of that, I continued to see a page telling me I could appeal. Later I realized I received an email telling me Twitter had my first appeal, because I got one on the second appeal too. I waited 24 hours to file the second appeal because the appeal form says they will get to the appeal “as soon as possible.”

So, when 24 hours passed and no word, and the “YOU ARE A BAD PERSON” message still showed, I filed a second appeal. Now I get a page that says “Thanks for your appeal,” tells me it will be decided as soon as possible, and then helpfully tells me if I don’t want to wait I can — I love this part — cancel my appeal.

So, you have the right to give them one sentence for an appeal. You have the right to cancel that appeal, admit hateful conduct, and accept the punishment, or you have the right to…. you guessed it… wait…..and wait….and wait…. So the upshot of this is that even if they uphold my appeal and let me back in Twitter, i will already have served a suspension imposed not by virtue of my conduct, but by virtue of their refusal to review the tweet and decide the issue. But, of course, I could always cancel…. Makes you wonder if their heads hurt up there in Twitterland when they think this way.

The original message above was flagged at 6:29 p.m. CDT on Sunday. Today is Wednesday, I just checked and, yep, still no answer on that appeal. Keep in mind that if they don’t grant the appeal I have to serve out a seven day suspension. But will I get credit for the 3 days I have already served since I am completely locked out of my account? Surely you jest. This is Twitter, and in the Twitter world, only PC and SJW rules apply. Old white males like myself…we’re relegated to the position of unimportance. The idea that Twitter protects everyone’s right to free expression is patent nonsense.

So, I have reported this event to the White House portal that deals with inappropriate censorship of conservative ideas. You can find that portal here. I encourage everyone that is maligned by Twitter to take that step. Let’s make sure the White House has ammunition in the war against censorship of conservative ideas.

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