Four Things the Media Won’t Tell you

  1. Mueller Was Never Going to Get Trump

Yes, that’s right.  From the moment he signed on, or shortly after, when he reviewed the documents and was made aware of the FISA problem, and the issue with I-Can’t-Keep-My-Peter-Out-Of-Lisa, Robert Mueller knew that he had no chance of getting anywhere with a prosecution of Trump.  That was because he knew Trump didn’t do anything unlawful, although with enough fictionalized window dressing and a few process crimes (that are even now breaking down) he could keep the charade going through November of 2018.  And that’s what he did.

Mueller was never about getting a conviction, it was “investigation theater” with enough leaks and bombshells fizzling on a weekly basis to make you think that the New York Times and Washington Post were actually conducting explosive ordnance disposal of duds.  Virtually none of what they published turned out to be true.  But it didn’t matter, because the media knows people are basically lazy, and they could scare a few people into voting Democrat because the president “might be” sponsored by Russia.  And sadly, it worked.  Mueller’s job was to give the Democrats the House and Senate, and he batted .500.  The media won’t tell you that, but its true.

  • Presidents Ask Other Countries for Investigative Help All the Time

That’s right, we have treaties that allow other countries and their police and prosecutors to cooperate with our police and prosecutors.  They secure evidence, gather documents, and perform other functions that our government cannot perform in those nations.  But the media won’t tell you this because they want to make this look like this was Trump trying to get Biden, and they further want to make it look like Trump is scared of Biden.  But the bottom line is, Trump wants to get to the bottom of the 2016 election interference scam, the Mueller scam, and he was asking for help from the new president of Ukraine.  There is absolutely no mention anywhere of a quid pro quo, except in the disorganized minds of a few people who hate Trump.  Nothing Trump did violated U.S. Law, and it is important to remember that if it did Adam Schiff, when he tried to dig up dirt from the two Russian shock jocks who pranked him back in 2017 would have already been indicted.  No single Democrat has stated a single section of the United States Code that Trump violated: nor can they.  Because there is nothing wrong with acting as the Chief Executive.  That’s what Trump has been doing.

  • The Whistleblower Setup, Scam, and Impeachment Debacle Benefits Warren and Harris.

This whistleblower scam is not just a coup attempt against Donald Trump.  It’s a very clever takedown of Joe Biden as the front-runner too.  No one is excited about Joe except the few Democratic voters that haven’t gone full Commie on us.  People like Michael Moore and Bill Maher recognize Joe couldn’t get a crowd excited juggling hand=grenades. But citizens like Joe. They like Joe because he looks thoughtful and likely won’t turn us in the a Socialist state.  He might actually oppose that.  

But the Hunter/Joe Money for Dismissal thing isn’t going to go away. It isn’t Russian propaganda, and it’s only going to get worse. Already people are talking about the deals Hunter made in China while Daddy Dearest was in the VP slot. That’s not good for Joe or Hunter. If I were Hunter, I’d be looking for a good defense lawyer.

But by going down this road, bringing this matter out in the open to live or die by this impeachment charade, they are kneecapping him while elevating Harris and Warren who are seen as “deserving” and are entitled to the “woman vote.”  Of course, if you have outdoor plumbing instead of indoor plumbing, both these hags scare you to death.  And if you own firearms, double that.

This whole thing has been calculated by senior kingmakers in the DNC to take out Biden and install Chief Sitting Bullshit and Homewrecker Harris.  Don’t be confused by all that.  The impact on Biden’s favorability ratings is intentional.  But what they do not see is how badly it is hurting their chances in 2020.  Because they will never get President Trump, and all they will wind up doing is looking even more stupid than they look today.

You can take that to the bank!

4. Finally, Where Are Our Senators?

We need senators to start calling Biden and Son to the Senate to testify, under oath, about their shady dealings. You want to have impeachment theater? Why not Obama Administration Accountability Theater? Let’s get these slimy jerks on record. Let’s nail down the story, and then let’s prosecute the lies they will undoubtedly tell.

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