Back in the Saddle

For some time I have been off here, in large part because the link to Twitter wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work because Twitter had me on suspension because I dared to challenge their LGBTQ paradigm with actual science.

But I am back here and I am going to try to get at least one article on here every week. This week’s topic is about Ryan Thomas and Tampa Carry.

I am pretty sure that if I had a child I didn’t know about that grew up independent of me, he would be Ryan Thomas from Tampa Carry. This guy is a hard-charging entrepreneur who has taken gun training to a new level. He has an on-line training course for a Florida Concealed Carry permit, and he posts YouTube content on the average of every 3 days. It’s good content too.

One of the most interesting types of posts he does is “why I want to carry.” He discusses the events that have happened to his students and what they have told him about why they carry. Robberies, assaults, and other personal crimes come to light in ways that you never hear about on the news.

Recently he’s taken to doing gun reviews. Here again we’re pretty much cut from the same cloth. He likes striker-fired pistols and has said he pretty much wouldn’t want to buy the Springfield XDE in 45. But he isn’t a Springfield Armory hater. He’s reviewed the Springfield 1911 and thinks it is worth the money. He mixes humor with his reviews and with his regular videos. He’s an irredeemable smart ass, and that’s just one reason I love his content. The world needs more Ryan’s.

It is always nice to see someone like Ryan who sees a needs, develops the program to fill the need, and then winds up doing a lot more while he’s at it. Good job, Tampa Carry!

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