My Gear

So, what does a Well Armed Attorney carry?

On most days, dressing casually, I carry a Glock 19 with a Crimson Trace in an inside the waistband holster made by AlienGear. I have found the AlienGear holsters to be hands-down the best for both retention and unholstering the weapon. That’s not to say that their holsters do not require frequent maintenance: you have to keep the screws tightened or you’ll lose the beltclips or parts of the holster may come off. But if you have any kind of problem with your holster, one quick call will get you all the help you need. Did I mention I wear an AlienGear belt, as well?

AlienGear CloakTuck 3.0

Now, every now and again I have to wear a suit and tie, and depending on where I’m going, and how formally I have to dress, I use a 5.11 Holster Shirt under my suit. I like the design, but I hate the fact that the synthetic fabric makes me itch like I rolled in poison ivy. Still, it holds my Glock 26 (also with Crimson Trace) perfectly, and I can fit spare magazines in the contralateral pocket.

5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt

If you’re a big guy, like me, you’ve probably figured out that having a hip-holstered gun in the car makes it damned-near impossible to draw it or engage it with any alacrity. In this regard I use a Steer Clear vehicle mount and a Homeland Slide holster.

Steer Clear Holster Mount
Homeland Slide Holster


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